4 Viking Bezerkers

Bezerkers are meant to be crazy and nothing says crazy like a half (or fully naked) north European with that look in their eye. Give them something sharp and point them in the general direction of shorter people, and well … it’s not really a surprise that they hit England like a Semi-Trailer and were soon running the joint. These four fine specimens represent the pinnacle of Northern Europes insansity and refusal to dress appropriately for the conditions or today’s events.

These guys are for Saga: Age of Vikings, by Gripping Beast. Saga is one of those games I don’t play as much as I’d like. I think it is a terrific system, combat is quick and straight forward without too much worrying about equipment comparisons and what not. Instead variety is introduced with the Battleboard and the custom facing Saga dice. These make each of the factions play differently and brings depth, which to be honest the system needs. As without it, the game would be just a little too simple and not require much in the way of strategy to play.

Forces for Saga are also pretty small. Typical games have 6 points and each point buys you 1, 4, 8 or 12 miniatures depending on how good they are. These Bezerkers are pretty elite and so a single point just gets you 4 of them. You might have guessed from the pictures that they’re armour is a little lacking and so all that elite-ness expresses itself in hitting hard, very hard. You just have to make sure they don’t get too shot up on the way into contact.

I didn’t keep track of any colours for these guys, they’re a pretty basic paint job. It’s mostly skin and random greys/browns for the wolf pelts. I gave one of them a shield and free-handed a wolf on it. I don’t think it’s a spectacular looking wolf, but it looks wolfy and I can always claim he painted it himself and he’s more of a fighter than a painter.

But I think this guy is my favorite; slightly under dressed, and in his own special way uniquely terrifying. In honour of a European I know, I’ve named him Baron.

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