Walkers I

My first batch of 10 walkers. I’m sure I will need more, and in fact I have another 8 I will paint up before too long. I’ve made these much darker and simpler than the heroes. Simpler because there are so many, they’re not the heroes and they’re dirty and grimy any way. I didn’t record most of the colours I used. Most of the time it was a muted base colour, brown/black wash and then a dry-brush. I have gone for consistent skin, bone and guts colours to tie them all together.

  • Flesh:
    • Base: German Fieldgrey (VMC 70.830)
    • Wash: Brown Blue for Panzer Grey Vehicles (AK 070) & Ochre for Grey Green (A.MIG-1508) — 1:3
    • Drybrush I: Base
    • Drybrush II: Medium Grey (VMC 70.987)
  • Gore:
    • Wash: Red Ink (VGC 72.086) & Brown Shade (VGC 73.200) — 1:1
    • Spots: Red Shade (VGC 73.206)
  • Bones:
    • Base: Ivory (VMC 70.918)
    • Wash: Brown Shade (VGC 73.200)
  • Intestines:
    • Base: Pink (VMC 70.858)
    • Wash: Red Shade (VGC 73.206)
    • Highlight: Base

I haven’t taken many pictures of these lads, they really are just a quick and dirty paint job.

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