Wargames Factory WW2 Russians

Wargames Factory WW2 Russians, were part of the Kickstarter package for WW2 Assault I looked at last week.  It has been a long time since I looked at the Wargames factory products as the last time they were very very bad.

I am happy to say that I am very impressed with this product. It is a really nice surprise to see what has changed over the years.

The last time I purchased some Wargames Factory Products it was the just after they had released Romans in 28mm. I wanted them got some and they were terrible, then the company went through some sort of restructure, but I never trusted them again.  That was a lot of years ago. My friends have been telling me to have a look at them again but I had put it off, as I didn’t want to buy something that I was not happy with. The chance to get some Wargames Factory minis with the Kickstarter was a little too good to leave so I got some.

I have been critical of companies that don’t design for the material and process they are using to manufacture, I am very pleased to say I am impressed with these frames.

You might notice how they interlock.


























There are four frames per box, with 31 soldiers to be made.  There are a total of four female heads, some female bodies and one office. lots of spare packs and weapons, a sniper rifle and all sorts of other pieces.  The detail is crisp and clean, they don’t looks like lumps of play-do like my previous roman’s.

The whole box only took a couple of hours to cut clean and assemble, there is some real character in this set, and some of the faces give that real cinematic feel.






































I have not taken off any of the part lines, they are there just very faint the officer you can see them best, I will remove them before primer.   The models will add nicely to my ever growing 28mm collection.

I am really happy with these, I will now get some Metals and some warlord Plastic’s to add to these, to help break them up a little.   I am really happy these are about a thousand times better than the previous Wargames Factory models I owned were.

They will now enter the painting que, and wait to get some colour maybe if I am lucky before I move back to Australia.

What is on the Table.

Some Infinity models, they are super nice and I haven’t had a chance to paint any of them yet. seems like a good time.


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