Warlord Games Kradschutzen Platoon

I started work some time ago on a Bolt Action platoon of Warlord Games Kradschutzen.  Motorcycle troops were all around the early and mid periods of the North Africa theater.   These troops were the fast moving Infantry and recon for the desert DAK forces.

Both Warlord and Black Tree Design make Kradschutzen, however only Warlord make them for the Desert, and no one produces officers or LMG’s.  For Bolt Action my Unit consists of 9 men. The break down is 3 men on the LMG bike with sidecar two men on each of the bikes with side cars are SMG’s (One Officer), and two men on a single bike and a I have a single man on a bike to help me make up other combinations that I might need in my list.

The Officer Conversion.

As nobody makes an officer I had a little conversion to do, this was simple enough I got a head off a Perry Miniatures DAK sprue, and an officers Cap.  Head swapped the the old head off the Warlord SMG sidecar rider, and added the cap.

 LMG Conversion.

The LMG was another conversion, I had to remove the SMG off the Warlord sidecar rider.  The LMG comes from a Black Tree Design after a little modding it all fits together quite well.

Motorcycle troops.

The rest of the troops are straight from Warlord Games, the are very nice models, and painted up quite nicely.

I have painted this unit up as Kradschuetzen Bataillon 20 part of the 21st Panzer Division.

What is on the table next!

DAK Perry Miniatures 88 crew & Blitzkrieg 88, they are super nice and are a please to paint up. Followed by a Pak40


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