Warlord Games Soviet SU-76

I got hold of a Warlord Games, Soviet SU-76, this is pretty handy for the Soviet force for Bolt Action I am building for an upcoming tournament, as a filler army.


The Warlord Games Soviet SU-76 Kit is a resin and metal kit and comes with crew, the crew are really nice, and will help make the gun complete.


There is not much to a Resin Self propelled Arty Piece,  two tracks, a hull.  Metal bits to add some character.  I did have to do some work at the back top of the hull there is some metal normally missing on the SU -76 so that gets cut out with a Sharpe knife and filed down.   The Tracks are glued on and we are away nearly complete. I was a bit disappointed in the tracks some of the sections are very thing and break pretty easy.  But there was no warping so that was good.


Now comes the drivers hatch and the back of the hull.  Then we are on to the all important gun.

It comes is two parts the barrel and the breach, and this is where it gets hard, the breach basically just wedges in, on the inside of the hull.


Also added some ammo, and that was it, all done.  It was fast a bit frustrating with the breach and some other parts. Having no instructions on how it was designed it is a guessing game for everybody.


The Soviet SU-76 was a bit of a work horse, and not a very well protected one either but at least it worked and cheap to make, I am hoping that this Soviet SU-76 becomes a bit of a work horse of my own.

Overall, I think that Warlord could do better with this kit. It is not as good as some of the other resins out there, and that is mainly just the lack of instructions and very thin wall sections on some parts.



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