2020 the year we had to have!

Bye 2020

2020 was the year that we had to have, if it could go wrong it did.   but we survived, sanity checks passed, and here is 2021….

So it is time to review my year, in 2020 I had time to paint stuff, however 2020 also threw other issues at us.

This is everything I got painted in 2020.


Painting Completed in 2020

River boats (American Civil War Navel Miniatures)

1/600th scale CSS Atlanta
1/600th scale CSS Neuse
1/600th scale CSS Alabama
1/600th scale CSS Charleston
1/600th scale CSS Nashville
1/600th scale CSS Georgia
1/600th scale CSS Virginia II
1/600th scale CSS Fredericksburg
1/600th scale CSS Texas
1/600th scale CSS Manassas

25 – 28 mm Ancients

25mm Early Imperial Roman Legionaries x 16
32mm Arena Rex Micon, Marcus Furuos, and Infelix
28mm Order of St John, Warriors for SAGA (8 mounted Warriors)
28mm Order of St John, Warriors for SAGA (8 crossbow Warriors)
28mm Order of St John, Warriors for SAGA (8 Spearmen Warriors)
28mm Order of St John, Hearthgaurd for Saga (4 Knights)
28mm Order of St John, Hearthgaurd for Saga (4 Knights)
28mm Order of St John, Commander for Saga (1 Knight)


Ogre Team

15 -18mm Ancients

15mm Medieval Light horse (4 stands)
2 Stands Cav Firearms
4 Stands Cav Crossbow
2 Stands of Cav Firearms
2 Stands of Light Cav Bow
4 Stands of heavy Knight Impact
4 Stands of Knights

Battle Tech

Clan Jade Falcon
Warhammer IIc
Jenner IIc
Shadow Hawk IIc
Rifleman IIc
Marauder IIc
Dire Wolf x 4
Thor A x 6
Thor x 1
Warhawk x 3
Man O` War x 2
Vulture x 3
Nova x 3
Mad Cat x 5
Fenris x 6
Loki x 6
Gladiator x 2
Ryoken x 3
Dragonfly x 1
Uller x 3
Puma x 2
Koshi x 1
dasher x 4

Elemental Stands x 25

Banshee 3S
Urban Mech
Rifleman – ADR-04-Mk.X Destroid Defender
2 x Archer – MBR-07-Mk.II Destroid Spartan
Warhammer – MBR-04-Mk.VI Destroid Tomahawk
Longbow – SDR-04-Mk.XII Destroid Phalanx
Marauder – Glaug Commander Type

It is a lot of Battletech I however I feel I didn’t really do that much.  I had multiple Bloodbowl teams to paint and only painted one.  I had many other projects that I never got around to starting.  And I was given many weeks to complete more, however I feel I just didn’t get enough done.

Possibly the best thing of 2020 was the arrival of Terrain Essentials!  Mine arrived on New Years Eve.  It is an absolute beast of a Tome, Mel is a Legend, and along with Dave Taylor has produced an incredible reference and teaching guide for all gamers, for terrain creation. If you can show some support for Mel please do so.  https://www.youtube.com/user/TheTerrainTutor

I am looking forward to creating some terrain now, I am not sure what my plan will be yet, but I will make something.

Goals for 2021

So I should set some goals.

I think my main goal is to get a Napoleonic Army Painted.  I nearly have all the British figures I need ready to go, there are some a few things left to purchase, which can be done quickly.

Then there is the BattleTech kickstarter to paint.  that is going to take some time.

Finally the one thing I do want to do that is new is 15mm ACW by Warlord games. I am not sure how I will go fitting in 3 big projects, but that is what Goals are for.

I also have to finish some 28 mm Romans and some Arena Rex figures off.


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