5 Hoplites for Mythic Battles Pantheon

A little continuation of the Mythic Battles Pantheon project. Another troop unit, but this time it’s time for some Hoplites. Now, historically the Spartans would have been called Hoplites (and also probably would have had a spear as their primary weapon) so the last post and this one are a little mixed up. However, this isn’t a historical game and they are two different troops with two different miniatures. So they’re different. To really highlight this difference I gave these guys green capes to really make them stand out from the Spartans.

The colours I used are mostly the same as for the Spartans in the previous post. I guess the cape is a little difference.

  • Cape:
    • Base: Scale 75 Boreal Green (SC-42)
    • Shadow I: Scale 75 Black Forest Green (SC-41)
    • Highlight I: Scale 75 Spring Green (SC-47)
    • Shadow II: Scale 75 Deep Red (SC-35)
  • Shield:
    • Base: Vallejo White (VMC 70.951)
    • Lion: Scale 75 Inktense Chestnut (SC-81) over an Azimuthal white and black

I’ll end with a quick picture of both the Spartans and the Hoplites. I’m pretty happy with these, they’re not a super complex scheme. But with the muscles and capes there is a little work to get the gradients looking nice. They’re not super smooth, but they’re good enough for a table top unit.

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