5mm Dice Frames Review

Much to my surprise my 90mm hexes arrived after less than a week from ordering them. Maybe I’ve got low expectations provided by a life time of Australian retail, but I wasn’t expecting them for another week or two. Any way, I’m not going to talk about the hexes, because I threw something else random in with the order: 5mm dice frames.

What and why you might ask? Well one of the things you have to keep track of in Hind Commander is your altitude, which can range from 1 to 6. The perfect record is a small 6 sided dice that’s placed on/near the base. Now I use tiny dice (5mm across) so as to minimise the table clutter, but my hands are clumsy and my fingers flat. So they’re a little bit of a nuisance. I was wandering around Minibits’ website and I noticed some tiny little MDF dice frames. They didn’t cost much so I just threw them in with my hexes and figured I’d see what they were like. I have to say I’m impressed.

First things first, they’re tiny – which is to be expected. However, you don’t realise how small until you get them in your hand. Hopefully this picture gives an indication of how small everything is.DiceHolder-1Now, getting over how small everything is, one really nice feature is that the top is rounded; you can probably just make it out in the picture. Now, assuming you mount it the correct way up, this means the dice fit it nice and snug without getting stuck. Which is important as everything is so, so small. I figured I would see what one looked like glued to the rear edge of one of my 20mm helo bases.DiceHolder-2I’m actually pretty happy with how that looks – don’t forget we are ridiculously zoomed in here – that piece of MDF is only 2mm thick (~1/16″). When you put it all together I think it looks pretty good – not too obtrusive and it makes moving the mini and dice around a heap easier. They cost £1 for 20 and come in a variety of sizes (5mm, 7mm, 10mm and 12mm) so if you’re using little d6 as marker dice and have somewhere you can mount the frame then I think they are well worth it.DiceHolder-3

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