Soviet BA-64B

Soviet BA-64B 14

Another random project in what is the year of random projects. This time it’s a Soviet WW2 armoured car, I’m sure anyone following along had that in their top couple of guesses. This model is actually a scale plastic kit by Tamiya, as part of their 1:48 range of armoured vehicle kits. It’s a great … Read more

Clan Jade Falcon – Charlie Supernova Beak 2

Clan Jade Falcon – Charlie Supernova Beak 2 26

Charlie Supernova Beak 2, is a mix of mainly medium mechs with a heavy thrown in.  The Blackhawk is also a 1st gen plastic mech.  It is a little lumpy but looks ok. The Mechs of Charlie Supernova Beak 2 Dasher Prime Config Black Hawk Prime config Loki Prime Config Puma Config B Ryoken Config … Read more

Industrial Area, in 2mm

Industrial Area, in 2mm 38

This is one of those side projects I’ve had going on for a long, long while. One of the games we play from time to time is Hind Commander: a modern era 3mm wargame focusing on helicopter operations. While another game I’d like to play is Modern Spearhead, again in 3mm. One thing that both … Read more