Rescue the Princess

Rescue the Princess 1

It is fair to say I may have been a little cocky going into my third Vanguard game. Once again, I was facing the Trident Realms warband commanded by Lord T, this time the scenario was “Rescue the Princess”.  The reason for my confidence? I was lucky enough to be the defender in this scenario and my Forces of the …

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Northern Alliance Dwarves and more

Northern Alliance Dwarves and more 12

I’ve done a few odds and ends for my Northern Alliance warband. First I finished my 5 dwarves. These are very basic, very weak grunts (decidedly un-dwarven characters). Still they’ve proved useful taking objects, sacrificing into things, finishing off downed figures, supplying an out number and adding to the size of the warband. This last fact is important for survivability …

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Thunderbirds 18

A couple of us have picked up some of Games Workshop’s new dog fighting game Aeronautica Imperialis. We’ve played a handful of games and some of us are further along in our painting than others. Our early impressions are the game is pretty good. The miniatures are great: they look good, have nice detail, go together easily, go together well …

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Stealing Supplies from the Nightstalkers

Stealing Supplies from the Nightstalkers 26

I haven’t made any progress with painting my Vanguard Abyssal army since my first game last week. Truth be known, I haven’t had much of a chance to give Vanguard a second thought much less do any preparation for my second game. As a result, I packed the very same list & miniatures as I used in my first game …

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First Game for the Forces of the Abyss

First Game for the Forces of the Abyss 32

Boiling steam and smoke announced the arrival of the furious horde of demons which set loose from the bowels of the earth on an unsuspecting village.  Unprepared for an attack by loose bowel demons, the Trident Realm defenders desperately attempted to light a signal beacon to summon armed assistance to drive the invaders back to the Abyss… …and that is how …

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