We’re BACK! Monday Knights first Club meet after Coronavirus Lockdown

We’re BACK! Monday Knights first Club meet after Coronavirus Lockdown 7

First night back at Monday Knights after over 100 days of Coronavirus lockdown. I got to roll some dice playing for the first time in a lot of months. Congrats to Big Nige for his win & the great Team Yankee. (Damn those Soviet Hinds!) The game was a quick 85pts Soviet vs USA Team … Read more

Painting Random Terrain Stuff

Painting Random Terrain Stuff 8

I had just finished writing up a couple MK blog posts about painting PSC StuGs and my last couple Vanguard Forces of the Abyss war-band figures when I had this email exchange with Flop. I had great visions of powering through another couple of painting projects to either add units to existing armies or just … Read more

Templar Army wrapup

Templar Army wrapup 9

This is just a short little post, mainly of some pictures to show the Templar and Crusader army in its full glory. Let’s start with some numbers: 248 miniatures: 51 Cavalry and 197 infantry 70 bases 47 ADLG units & 3 command tokens 1 camp Over 150 hours preparation, painting & basing. To put this … Read more

Abyss Warband finished – for now…

Abyss Warband finished - for now... 13

Short post for tonight. Gamers all know this feeling – the feeling of satisfaction of painting that last miniature to complete a project. This week end – painted my last three figures to complete my Vanguard – Forces of the Abyss warband. Well – the last “unpainted” miniatures have been painted at any rate Back … Read more

Clearing off the painting table…

Clearing off the painting table... 19

*Originally posted in the Monday Knights Forum, 18 Jan 2020* Yep – happens to us all, make a good start on a new army project, smash out enough painted miniatures to be passable on the table, then distraction and loss of momentum kick in. The Blood-Masques and Warlock miniatures have been sitting on my painting … Read more