Battletech: 2nd Line Clan Mechs

Poormans Clan mechs

Late last week we had some of the Covid-19 restrictions eased, Earlier in the week somebody suggested that the maximum number of people possible gather for a game of Battletech.  Having not thrown a dice in anger in some 50+ days we jumped at it. On the Friday I was working out what mechs to … Read more

L’Art de la Guerre: The Monday Knights Get Biblical

L'Art de la Guerre: The Monday Knights Get Biblical 3

L’Art de la Guerre (ADLG) is an enjoyable and easily learned ancients and medieval wargame. The Monday Knights wargames club will be hosting a five round, two-day tournament. The event theme is “The Monday Knights Get Biblical“ 200-point armies should be chosen from the “Ancient” and “Classical” sections of the army lists. Allies that are from sections outside these are not permitted.

Into the Abyss

Vanguard Abyssal

…the journey begins…. It has been far too long since I have had the pleasure of fantasy table top wargaming. Mantic Games were very generous in providing a number of stater & booster sets to the Monday Nights War Game club to get us started & I was crazy enough to put my hand up … Read more

Vanguard: our club, our story

Vanguard: our club, our story 5

A few weeks back Mantic Games asked for some volunteers to put together some warbands for their Fantasy skirmish game Kings of War: Vanguard. With some free toys on offer the Monday Knights were only to happy to put our name forward, and lo and behold our little antipodean club was selected to participate. A … Read more