Bane of War

This year I had a chance to get to Bane of War in Austin Texas. It was my first trip to Texas and was keen to get there and have look at the local scene and get a bit of wargaming in.

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DBA 3.0 :- Review

DBA was my first entry into Ancients, I had not played any ancients before and was keen to give them ago, with out wanting to jump in the deep end and get going WRG or DBM at the time a whole group of us looked at BDA.

DBA 3.0 :- Review 3

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Warlord Games Panzer IIc

What I have finished.

I have been working on a Warlord Games Panzer IIc for Bolt Action.

Warlord Games Panzer IIc 4

The Warlord Games Panzer IIc I have is a resin model with left and right Track,  Hull, and Turret. with metal Barrels for the MG and 2cm main-gun.

Overall the quality is fantastic.  I wish I had of started this blog back when I was first cleaning and assembling it, for photos.   Like with all resin models I get I clean with warm soapy water to remove any mold release and other residue from casting, then dry fit everything before I start with paint.

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