Battletech Blue Fist Mercanary’s

The Merc's are coming

After painting all the red and mostly red on the SAGA force, I thought it time to sit down and start doing some Battletech. In a new Scheme for a new Merc force. I have alot in candy apple red, that I did years ago, though I do need to finish the rest of the mechs already in that scheme.  This scheme was something different and not Red, we have the Blue Fist Mercenary’s.

Most of these models are from Iron Wind Metals, though the Atlas I have had for years and it is not a metal so I am not sure when I picked it up nor what era of production it is.  If you are in Aus and looking for some models, rules or books have a look at our good friends Milsims Games they can hook you up.

The scheme came together slowly I had it firstly as half Orange/grey but then It needed something else, so I added the Blue head on to the Atlas. and thought, about doing something else as well, it just happened to be the hands on each of the mechs.

These are all from the new Era of Battletech 3039U.  It could be said that I all of us get a kick out of Battletech, though it does fall out of flavor, there is such a thing as too much.  Though the new rules, and the new Clan Kickstarter have a lot of us pretty excited about shinny new toys. But the simplicity of Pre-clan is just too good to pass up.  No Pulse weapons, heat issues, ammo exploding issues, arh good times.

Assault Lance.

Three Assault Mechs and a Heavy

Consisting of:

  • Atlas 7D
  • Banshee 3S
  • Charger 1A1
  • Hunchback 4G


Atlas 7D

Iconic mech, there is nothing in battletech quite like the Atlas, it has plenty of fire power at long, medium and short range, it is a massive mech and takes some stopping.

Command Mech

Banshee 3S

This was not the first Banshee miniature released, infact you might struggle to find this miniature.  The first was the 3E and that model you will find quite often. This mech a 3S weighs in at 95 tons and has two PPC’s and A/C 20 just clean up at short range. These three weapon systems are backed up with Short ranged missiles, medium lasers and small lasers for giggles.  Overall a very capable mech in Battletech unlike the 3E.

Banshee Mech

Charger 1A1

Battletech can sometimes be a game of choosing not the worst mech and not the best mech…   Unfortunately this is possibly the worst designed mech in Battletech, so you just have to have one or two in your collection somewhere. At 80 Tons the charger only has five small lasers. It does have one huge engine, which means running it does 8 hexes, so it’s one job is in it’s title.

Worst Mech in the Game

Hunchback 4G

This medium mech, packs an A/C 20.  it is a good mech, those that know it target it early cause well it packs an A/C 20.

Hunchy is a great mech

Medium Lance

Two Light Mechs and two Medium Mechs

Consisting of:

  • Valkyrie QA
  • Wolverine 6K
  • Urbanmech R60
  • Hatchetman 3F


Valkyrie QA

A 30 Ton jump mech with a medium laser and LRM10.  At 723 BV this mech I often use as filler, however it does pack that LRM.

Jumpy mech

Wolverine 6K

I love this mech, it is great it is 55 Tons has plenty of armour, an array of all the lasers and a SRM pack.  It can do alot for 1248 BV.

Wolverine Mech

Urbanmech R60

Sigh another one of those mechs you love to hate.  You ask your self why was this designed at all. It is slow, weighs nothing, has an A/C 10 and a small laser. It is lucky it is cheap. Still arguably better than the charger.


Hatchetman 3F

Apart from the Jar Jar looks it is quite a good mech, it is quite fast has an A/C 10 and medium lasers and as the name suggests it has a Hatchet.

Hatchetman Mech

All these mechs were painted with Scale 75 paints, I am much happier with the lenses done with solid pigment paint rather than the contrast paints. For a cheap and cheerful paint job they are ok, but because they are all square they really do need black lining.. on the next batch I will go and do just that after the a paint is finished.  They also need more contrast, I try to be too subtle with the tone changes and I think I need do the opposite at times, this is one of them.


On the Work Bench.

I still have those 15mm Medieval troops to finish, I really need to get moving on them so I can get the next 15/18mm project on there. So I will have to focus on that project for a little while.   I might after that revisit some more Battletech items as I have more mechs to paint.

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