Saga Order of St John Spearmen

Spearmen Warriors

My SAGA Order of St John warband continues to grow with the some Fresh faces as Spearmen.   These are still the Fireforged Games troops, that I also used on the Crossbowmen. I have been block painting the my Order of St John to speed up the production of units, but also so I don’t burn out doing Red and mostly Red.

I changed ups some of the colours I had been using on timber with these guys and I think I got a far better result on the spears.  The colours remain the same from the Mounted Warriors, using 3 shades of Red, and skin remains the same.  However I am not happy with the free hand white crosses on the shields.

I think for the next time I do some of this warband I will make templates for the shields, I think I will get a better result on them.

I have used the AK Matt Varnish as I have a lot of it, it would be a shame to not use it.

This makes 3 Points of Warriors now complete, I still have two points of Hearthguard to do, these are all mounted in two groups of four. And the commander of the warband, again he is mounted. This will give a nice little SAGA warband that I might play a game with one day.

But enough on what is left it is time to show the men.

The Spearmen


What is on the Workbench

Time for a break on the Red and mostly Red Order of St John. I will be doing up some Battletech. I have a lance or two of Inner sphere that needs to be done, this should be a fun little job. It is also something very different to look forward to.

There is also some 15mm Medieval on the desk that I will finish off, just keep ticking over the stands of this so I can get an army together for ADLG in the future.


I have been breaking up the painting pretty well, not getting too board doing the same thing over and over, I think this has helped me keep up the motivation to keep getting things finished.

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