Orc Throwers

Again most of the colours match with the linemen I painted earlier. One difference you might note is that the numbers are there. I finally found some numbers I was happy with, and after patiently waiting I’ve got them. I’ve gone back and added the numbers to the other finished guys, but I don’t think it’s worth pictures.


Even though I haven’t finished the core team yet (still got to do the blitzers) I’m going to use them on Monday. I won’t use them well, but hopefully having the team mostly painted keeps the dice gods happy.


Not much excitement in the colours stakes, but one addition is the ball.

  • Base Coat: Cavalry Brown (VMC 70.982).
  • Wash: Brown Shade (VGC 73.200).
  • Highlight 1: 50% Cavalry Brown (VMC 70.982) & 50% Rose Brown (VMC 70.803).
  • Seams: Black (VMC 70.950).
  • Laces Base Coat: Ivory (VMC 70.918).
  • Laces Wash: Brown Shade (VGC 73.200).
  • Laces Highlight: White (VMC 71.951).

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