Carthaginian Army

The elephants I just posted represent the last major piece of this army! It’s been months in the making, much of it procrastination, but I’ve got a full ADLG army with a few options. You actually might notice something missing: my camp. I had finished it, but I experienced my first bout of frosting with the bottom of a dull-cote jar. I saved about half the work, but I’ve still got to repaint quite a bit. So that’s going to have to wait a few days until I can stand looking at it again.

But before I get to the group shot, I’ve got one little piece I finished. I was short a couple of stands of Numidians.

While I used exactly the same colours as last time, I am very happy with them. In the picture below they are the two middle stands, and the freehand on the shields is so much better. Thinner, straighter and cleaner lines. I think that’s just down to practise with all the other freehand shields. I’d always been a little intimidated by freehand (I’m not much of a drawer or flat surface painter), but looking at how it’s improved over a fairly short and simple project I’m pretty keen to try some more.

Enough about little things, here is the whole army in all its glory: 32 stands of troops and 3 commanders. With only 20-25 needed for most armies there’s a few options in there for adjustments.

All that said, I’m still planning on adding to this. At the moment I have:

  • 3 stands of Ligurian javelinmen
  • Another stand of Medium Iberian Cavalry
  • 4 stands of armoured (captured Roman mail) spear
  • 4 stands of slingers
  • Another 2 stands of Numidian Light Cavalry.

These will gradually be added; I’ve got to build up the desire to paint more 15mm figures. This army so far has involved over 100 miniatures which with my slow painting speed has meant a lot of hours looking at tiny men. That said I’m sure I’ll have another Ancient 15mm army on the bench before too long.

For completeness, I’ll also list the other packs I’ve used for the earlier figures:

  • Numidian Light Infantry: CAR14 – Numidian Javelinmen: 3 different poses in each pack of 8 figures.
  • Spanish Medium Cavalry: CAR7 – Spanish Cavalry & CAR8 – Spanish Cavalry with Long Oval Shield: 1 rider and 3 horse poses in each pack of 4 cavalry.

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