Innersphere Mechs Part 2

Continuing on from my Part 1 I have the follow up all completed and ready to go. With Battletech still waiting on the Battletech Kickstarter, I should complete the rest of the IS mechs.

we have here:


this gives me 20 Mechs in this scheme. and overall some 46 Inner Sphere mechs all in my own schemes.  I really should do a series in either a knowing unit of a house or a known Merc Unit. I think the Merc units sound better and I do like Wolf’s Dragoons.

All these mechs are again Iron Wind Metals. We had an interesting discussion on the current size of the Battle Tech Mechs.  This is the 2nd generation of metals, the older Ral Pather were smaller than these, some 4-9mm in some cases. The first edition plastics came out in the 90’s I think. they were bigger than the metals then.  The current edition plastics in the Battletech: AGame of Armored Combat box  make all other mechs look small and thing. They are stunning looking mechs.

But I digress

The Paint

I actually stuck with the same paint as the first set of 7.  The glass I am still not happy with, but I will live with it.

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