Launching our new Blog.

In the past a number of us have had our own little blogs, but with time we each are having less and less time to do the content needed to maintain a blog.  Discussion were had and in typical Monday Knight fashion we have rushed in with no planing hoping to not roll a double 1. 

The plan is for those of us who have blogs that we don’t wish to maintain, is to slowly migrate them over to here.   Any sort of planing here will most likely go out the window and it will be on big hit. 

Who is going to be writing, these are possibly the things we should plan better, right now we are in discussions on this.  A number of us have put our hands up but we are yet to confirm what we are going to do. Like most things we will wing it and see what happens. 

Burning down our own blogs for this new shinny blog

Our overall rough plan is to do what we have been doing on our personal blogs but more people. We will be able to do a little of the work spread across more people to produce better content, or at least that is our plan.

I guess that is it from me, stay tuned as our new blog gets new and old content. News of events and all sorts of things are going to be posted right here.

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Floppy has been playing wargames poorly for over 20 years. A founding member of the Monday Knights.

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The Monday Knights are a gaming group based in Melbourne Australia.  We are happy to play just about any game at any time.

We meet every Monday night at the Auburn Bowls club in Hawthorn East, Victoria, from 6pm onwards.

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