Old Games Revived

Old Games revived, sometimes they are revived because they are good systems that you just needed a break from, sometimes nostalgia, and sometimes because the game went from a wild power creep to something else.


Enter Malifaux, the knights had some encouragement but some have gone back to look at the game.

The first edition we found had some problems with power creep, it was everywhere.   The first book came out and was really good, the game was different, it had some Horror, Scifi, steampunk elements the game flowed, and everything was pretty balanced, then enter the new books, we went from going to tournaments and playing all the time to really backing off and not playing at all very quickly as the game went in to power creep over driver.

Personally I loved the minis, I have many of the Nightmare editions, some of the Avatars editions that side was fantastic, the crew at Wyrd are great people have a great idea, however the game play just went to the latest book had the most success.  And we found if we didn’t keep up with the books which were only released once a year but if for some reason we missed it, because we were playing anything else then we missed the power train.  So we fell out of love with the game.

With moving back to Aus, I got all my stuff out of storage, so many Malifaux crews mostly unpainted. a lot very damaged but hey I can fix them.  I am also missing quite a lot of stuff, but that is fixable.  I got hold of 2nd Edition Malifaux, and with some prompting of new or I should say returned gamer to the Monday Knights we are again playing Malifaux.

Firstly I forgot how great the system is, it is a great system, it has great idea’s and fantastic mini’s.  I now look at some of the metal mini’s I have and some of the new plastic’s that are out and I have to upgrade some of the stuff I have, so it’s not all bad I can’t find some stuff.

The only painted crews I have are Perdita Ortega and her crew with some addon’s and a Gremlin crew, but I have a Dreamer crew that I was starting to work on before I stopped playing, so I think I will get back to work on that once my stuff get’s here from the US this week.

I also have a large box of Terrain that came out of storage, some from CNC Workshop and some from GW.  The GW stuff is mostly Fantasy and 40K stuff, the fantasy stuff the icon’s can be removed very quickly and it will be good generic terrain, that will work well in many games, but also Malifaux with a little gothic feel to it.  There is also a castle which I am not sure what to do with.  Then there are the GW plastic trees that are available as a scenic set.


I am thinking of making these 3 Trees in to Hanging Trees for Malifaux.  I think these will work very well.   The CnC workshop stuff I have is a stone and wood Tutor style house and Church, while these might work for Malifaux they are more use in other games, but will work while we don’t have a lot of terrain right now.

The 40K terrain, I am sure there is some form of future game I can play that these might work for.  but right now they are not so useful.

What’s Coming up!

Well I get all my stuff from the US, all my paints etc this coming week, something I thought I would have already as the container as been in Melbourne for over 3 weeks already.  I will get my studio setback up, and get back in to painting,   Hopefully I can do a post a week again, and get some more images in to, as I will my camera setup and light box here, I also hope to start to work on projects for the upcoming Crystal Dragon at cancon in 2016.

crystal dragon

For that I do need some time and I do need my studio setup and ready to go.

Other projects I need to work on is a gaming table, now I have all my tools back I can start to look at doing some wood work and putting together a folding table, but that might wait until spring cause it is too cold here in Melbourne to work in the Garage.

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Floppy has been playing wargames poorly for over 20 years. A founding member of the Monday Knights.

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