Orc Star Player

I’ve finished the last miniature for my Orcs. I think the chainsaw star players are some of the most iconic Bloodbowl miniatures. So while I’ve never actually used one in game I wanted to paint one. I chose Willy’s Orc With Chainsaw and I’ve got to give credit to them: he’s a great little miniature and was a blast to paint. He also fits in nicely with the rest of the team.


It’s also a great day to be posting my last Orc State miniature. Maybe even appropriate it’s a Orc State player with a Chainsaw – as that’s what Penn State took to Ohio State’s National Championship run.

If you’ve been following these from the start (or know American Football) you’ll probably recognise their uniforms as being inspired by Penn State. Because of some appalling behaviour from a former coach and administration, it’s been a rough few years for Penn State football; I won’t go into the history, but if you want there’s more on wikipedia. But today we beat Ohio State who were ranked as the #2 team in the country, while we’re not even ranked. We were 20 point underdogs and widely picked to lose – badly. On top of this the game was broadcast in Australia so we got to watch them win and Ruin Ohio’s run for the National Championship. If you jump onto ESPN this is the leading NCAAF story. Did I mention we came back from 14 points down in the 4th quarter and had 17 unanswered points. Anyway, I can’t imagine you come here for coverage of College Football, but I’ll end this post with a team shot of Orc State:orcstate-teamshot-2

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