Pirate Commission – Part I

Another commission has come my way. It’s 15mm again, but this time it’s pirates. This is just base coating again. I’ll start with a test model to see how it looks and I’m pretty stoked with this bad boy (OK – good boy).

Colours used are the following (as much for my reference as anyone else):

  • Flesh: Sunny Skin Tone (VMC 70845)
  • Hair: German Camouflage Medium Brown (VMC 70826)
  • Coat: Scarlet (VMC 70817)
  • Webbing/Pants/Bicorn Trim: White (VMC 70951)
  • Cuffs/Boots/Bicorn: Black & German Grey (50% VMC 70950 & 50% VMC 70995)
  • Sand: Dark Sand & Sand Yellow (50% 70847 & 50% 70916)
  • Buttons: Old Gold (VMC 70878)
  • Gun Stock/Scabbard/Eyes: Leather Brown (VMC 70871)
  • Gun Barrel/Bayonet: Oily Steel (VMC 70865)



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