Spanish Scutarii

Spanish Scutarii 5

More non-Carthaginians for my Carthagenian ADLG army. I’m keeping to mainly reds for this army, but I’ve used a slightly different red to most of the others (a slightly deeper red). That coupled with the shields helps them stand out from the others. Body: Flesh – Base: Medium Fleshtone (VMC 70.860) Flesh – Wash: Sepia … Read more

Iberian Cavalry

Iberian Cavalry 10

These figures are a continuation of my Carthaginian forces. This time it is 5 and one third bases of Medium (or maybe Heavy) Iberian Cavalry. Another group of miniatures I’m very happy with. I find 15mm very time consuming, but also very rewarding when they’re done. I think they look pretty good, especially the shields … Read more