Balaeric Slingers

Balaeric Slingers 1

These are the last miniatures I’ll be painting for my Carthaginians for a while. As a force they’re pretty much finished; I’ve got well over 200 points in LADLG terms and I don’t think there’s much more useful I can add. The last little unit for this force is 4 bases of Balearic Slingers (LI sling). I didn’t do much …

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Ligurian Javelinmen

Ligurian Javelinmen 5

Another mercenary unit for my Carthaginian army: Ligurian Javelinmen. Nothing particularly special with these guys. As poor mountain men I didn’t want the colours to be quite as vivid as the Celts so I made them a bit of a muted hodgepodge. I also tried a different vibe to the shields, based on what Little Big Men Studios have for …

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Ancient Greek/Carthaginian Camp

Ancient Greek/Carthaginian Camp 13

The last ingredient for my Carthaginian army this weekend. I need a camp and the rules are pretty liberal on what it can be (even the base size is a ide range). I chose the smallest base possible 40mmx80mm and started filling it with stuff. I started with a Greek style tent from Baueda Wargames, code 15GRK. They don’t have …

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Carthaginian Heavy Spear

Carthaginian Heavy Spear 25

Some actual Carthaginians for my Cathaginian army! These have been a bit tedious: 48 miniatures all exactly the same. I didn’t do any fancy shields as the surface has significant curvature and I’m not comfortable enough in my free-hand on such a tricky surface. To get these done quickly I mass-painted them on sticks (you can see a couple of …

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