Large Crusader spear block (56 figures)

Large Crusader spear block (56 figures) 1

Crusader armies needs large block of spear men. After all, the humble spear was the primary infantry weapon for almost every organised army until the musket got good (pikes are just long spears). If you were to go and ressurrect someone who died in battle, chances are it was a ‘he’ used a spear. Hell the bayonet is just a …

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Crusader bow and crossbow

Crusader bow and crossbow 8

Part of any good Crusader army are some missile troops. For this army there is a fair bit with decent numbers of both crossbow and bow infantry. As with the rest of this army, it is all Legio Heroica miniatures from their Feudal and Crusader ranges. While these two ranges are nominally for different portions of the Medi-eval/Feudal period we …

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Levy pike & farm tools – Huge new 250 figure project

Levy pike & farm tools - Huge new 250 figure project 18

This is the first post of a new army project I’m in the middle of. This army is another Crusader army, but this time it is the Templars. However, there isn’t going to be any Templars for a little while as I’m starting with the generic crusader component of this project and even then at the bottom, levy heavy end. This is a big project, probably my biggest yet. There are about 200 foot troops and 50 mounted, as well as a pretty cool looking gate tower (serving as camp).

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Hospitaller Commanders & Mounted Sergeants

Hospitaller Commanders & Mounted Sergeants 19

I didn’t get time to take photos of these earlier (things have been a little crazy). But they were ready for the tournament a few weeks back so that is the most important thing. These are commanders, which are essentially just tokens in ADLG so they can be on almost any sized bases. I use 20mm discs. As well as …

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Crusader Heavy Spear

Crusader Heavy Spear 27

Some more miniatures for my Crusader army. This time they’re not Hospitallers, but rather general Heavy Spear from the period. There’s not much rhyme or reason to the shield patterns. There’s only about 6 colours (white, black, yellow, blue, green and red), but the random mising makes it look quite colourful. Particular when you compare them to the all black …

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Hospitaller Sergeants with Crossbow

Hospitaller Sergeants  with Crossbow 32

Many of the colours (armour, coats, straps, skin, etc) are the same as for the Brother Knights. However, there are a couple of new bits: Crossbow: Wood – Base: Sandalwood (SC-26) Wood – Wash: Sepia Shade (VGC 73.200) Metal – Base: Gunmetal Grey (VMC 70.863) Wash: Black Wash (VGC 73.201) Quiver: Same as the Brother Knight’s scabbard. Quarrel Feathers – …

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