Innersphere Mechs Part 2

Innersphere Mechs Part 2 1

Continuing on from my Part 1 I have the follow up all completed and ready to go. With Battletech still waiting on the Battletech Kickstarter, I should complete the rest of the IS mechs. we have here: Jenner Mercuray Panther Trenchbuchet Centurion quickdraw Enforcer this gives me 20 Mechs in this scheme. and overall some … Read more

That Battletech project I have been putting off

That Battletech project I have been putting off 9

When I first got into Battletech, I really struggled with a paint scheme to do the miniatures justice. I tried some camouflage schemes and some of the complex traditional Inner Sphere liveries as well. Camouflage seemed a little pointless with giant nuclear robots crashing through the forest in the¬†universe of the third millennium trying to … Read more


Battletech gets rolled out a couple times a year, it is one of those games that is good to play every so often. The biggest problem being that it takes along time to play the game.

BTech LogoRecently we have had couple of nights of Battletech, both games finished, which surprises most.

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