Templar Army wrapup

This is just a short little post, mainly of some pictures to show the Templar and Crusader army in its full glory.

Let’s start with some numbers:

  • 248 miniatures: 51 Cavalry and 197 infantry
  • 70 bases
  • 47 ADLG units & 3 command tokens
  • 1 camp
  • Over 150 hours preparation, painting & basing.

To put this into perspective I’d estimate probably about 450-600 points in ADLG (depending on how mediocre/elite you make the units). A standard sized game is typically 200 points. So you could play a game on your own with this project and probably be able to leave a few things out.

That’s right, I haven’t put up a picture of the camp yet. It’s not strictly a camp, but it is something for the Templars to defend. The camp for this army is actually a castle gatehouse. It’s 3D printed, not sure the source. I painted it up fairly plainly. The stone is grey with a wash, followed by several drybrushes. While the wood is similar colours. One thing I did do was attach one of the spare shields to the front of the gatehouse. Mainly to give it a little colour and visual interest. Otherwise it gets a bit drab and plain. The little creeping vine on the front is there for a similar reason. Just to put something there to catch the eye and be something that’s not a big grey wall with a door.

Any way, first up is a picture of just the Templar portion of the army. This is a hell of a lot of white, but I am happy with how this looks. There is enough variety to make it interesting, but they look like a band of Templars and nicely consistent.

I really don’t have room to get a decent photo of this whole project. The previous picture pushed the extent of the area I can have a nice background over.

Note: Featured image credit

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