Warlord Games Panzer IIc

What I have finished.

I have been working on a Warlord Games Panzer IIc for Bolt Action.

The Warlord Games Panzer IIc I have is a resin model with left and right Track,  Hull, and Turret. with metal Barrels for the MG and 2cm main-gun.

Overall the quality is fantastic.  I wish I had of started this blog back when I was first cleaning and assembling it, for photos.   Like with all resin models I get I clean with warm soapy water to remove any mold release and other residue from casting, then dry fit everything before I start with paint.

With this model I use Testor’s Matt Black undercoat followed by German Grey(Vallejo) through the Airbrush.  I now added a a number of layers of AK Interactive Chipping fluid, after that was dry I did some Modulation using the AK Interactive  Dunkelgelb modulation Kit. I then started with the important stuff, picking out the tools and road wheels and thing that needs to be a different colour’s.

All this now I start to add different filters on to the modules, a Brown, an orange and a grey, from company’s such as AK Interactive, Mig Productions and now ammo of Mig Jimenez*

I used the Warlord Decal set for the DAK.  The pigments all from Mig Productions.

[flagallery gid=2 align=center]

Overall I am very happy with this model, I hope it will add something to the army, along with my Tiger.  The Panzer II from Warlord Games is a fantastic model, I hope to get some more Kits from there soon, so I can add them to the army.  I am only a bit upset at the photo’s I took, I forgot to adjust for a better focal point so the whole tank is in focus, not just little bits , what could possibly go wrong.

Note: Mig Jimenez is a crazy good modeler, and was part of all AK, Mig Productions, but now is his own paint and pigment producer I have had the Mig productions stuff for a very long time, it is now being replaced and the Ammo by Mig is of a better quality, I will do a review of the new products one day but for now I am enjoying what Mig is producing as it helps me paint some very nice models.



What is on the Painting Table.

28mm DAK Kradschutzen.  You can never have enough motorcycles in an army, they just look cool, a bit impractical as far as BA goes but I am making this army for me, and I like what I like.   Also Motorcycle mounted troops are such a big part of the desert war, where trucks and transports were not always around but there were motorcycles.


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