Warlord v’s Rubicon T-34/85

Warlord v’s Rubicon T-34/85

I had the chance to get models from both company’s, so I am racing them in my first ever 1 v 1 test.















Having started the Russians I couldn’t say no to T-34/85’s so here we go as we test both kits to see which one win’s out on the first ever Floppy’s Model Kit Challenge.

I am going to measure both kits on a few key criteria.

1. Frame Layout, it is good are the pieces clean do they require extra work

2. Ease of construction, does it go together quickly, is there some things that could be improved.

3. Extra bit’s, is there extra stuff you can do to make these kits your own

4.  Model Look and feel, does it feel like a T-34/85

So here we go.

I have to say that I am really happy with both kits, if you are doing tank war’s the ability to mix and match all the different tank kits out there adds a lot of character to your army, as a collector, a painter and finally a gamer, that alone has appeal to me.

1. Frame Layout.

Both the companies frames were quite nice.

Warlord’s Frames.

I should have taken more Pic’s but I was too excited when I got this kit, it was only after I started assembling that I thought of doing this post. The missing part is part of the hull.

Rubicon Models Frame

Verdict: Warlord.

Warlord won this round, why because while both frames are really nice, Warlord had alot less wasted space.  They also included a commander.  Now hats off to Rubicon models, they have some large pieces with big undercut, they have done a fantastic job, it is just there is alot of space still to be used on the frames, they could have added some extra bit’s on it.

2. Ease of construction

Now this is a tricky one, as what one person finds easy somebody else may not.

Warlord’s Construction

Track construction was terrible, the hull was simple with it just being two pieces. but you are meant to glue it together after you put the turret on… opps.

Rubicon’s Construction

Massive fail from me here, I didn’t take any pic’s of the model going together, but this went together very fast, less than 30 minutes start to finish.


Verdict: Rubicon Models.

Rubicon Models tracks are far better, they have the ability to do different road wheels, and the turret went together super fast and the barrel can move up and down.  But the real winner was the hull, very clever design, has a left and right part that glue together then you add on the top, it means that you get all pins to add the road wheels too, it was really cool to build and simple too, as I totally forgot to take pics.  Warlords Tracks are a night mare, I had to dry fit everything and then start to assemble it. get one thing wrong and tracks may not glue to the hull.

3. Extra bit’s

Warlord Games

There are lot of extra Drums, tool boxes and a commander, lights and antenna all have clear places to go. Over all it is really easy to make this your own.

Rubicon Models

Again lots of drums for fuel, and tool boxes. However the placement of the drums on the back of the tank, well they looked out of place so I left them off.

Verdict: Warlord.

For the reasons above, but Rubicon did come back a little with an extra Turret, the problem is that it is for a different kit, means it doesn’t fit and well I think that could have been done better.

4.  Model Look and feel

Warlord Games


Both look great, I think the Rubicon tracks look far better, however the Warlord model has extra cable on the hull, I am not  a great fan of that at 28mm, I can add cable if want to do the modeling, however it is a nice addition.

Verdict: Warlord.

So close it is not funny, there is more texture on the hull and that is good for people to see it is not just a flat sided tank, while the road wheels sort of suck, but Rubicon did put rivits on the tank. Over all Warlord model has slightly more character than Rubicons models.


Final Result: Warlord 3 v Rubicon 1

This is not a dig at Rubicon or Warlord, I had to pick pretty hard to really find fault, I am going to use both on my gaming table, having them together adds, character and more. I am happy to have both and I will get more from both companies in the furture, that includes more T-34’s of all sorts.  The models are really nice and easy to put together they look great side by side.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the tanks, what do you like and what don’t you like.


Till next time, later people.



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