Saga Order of St John – Knights

I have pulled the trigger and finished off my Saga Order of St John – Knights, with two units of Hearthguard (Knights) and command.  As I write this I realise I am basing this whole force all wrong.

I know I built this as a saga force, which with out thinking I used round bases for infantry and I went the pil shapes for horses cause I like them.  What I really should have done is based this for 28mm ADLG.  Put all the Spear on 20x30mm bases, Crossbow on 25 x 40 base, and the cav on 25 x 60mm bases.

I would get metal to place under each unit is easy to move, then all these could pull double duty for ADLG and Saga.  Still not all is lost the Crossbow we can build some “sabots” or custom movement trays this will fix them.  But as all the infantry, is on 25mm round bases so the heavy spear needs to change to bases.

Basing these for 25mm figures would mean there base sizes are only 60mm frontage, so knights would be on 20mmx40mm which would possibly look better, and then you need to get the heavier foot a figure on a single 20×20 for 60mm frontage, medium foot on 20 x 30 and light foot on 30×30.

This is a future problem not a problem for right now.  As for right now I have all these fantastic Fireforeged Games knights Templar finished and I am keen to show them off.

Getting back in to painting full red again took some time, but the models have been sitting here waiting for paint for ever. They needed to be painted. It finishes off a complete saga force, I now only have two more saga forces sitting here waiting to be finished.


As with the mounted Warriors, the Spearmen Warriors and the Crossbow Warriors. The reds used are from the Scale 75 paint range, they are fantastic paints, go on well and blend together very nicely.

I painted on the crosses by hand again. but they came up ok.   The whole force looks pretty amazing together I am looking forward to maybe using them one day.




1st Hearthguard unit


2nd Hearthguard unit


Complete 6 Points of Milites Cristi for Saga.


Overall I am pretty happy with these, it was nice to paint some 28mm models that I have had for a very long time. Almost as long as I have had the 25mm Warlord Romans.  To take this Saga force  to an ADLG force I need to build this up to two commands worth of models.  Which would mean doubling the amount of Knights, and add more mounted sergeants as more knights.   I would have to get some Bowmen though, that would take some time, but It would look pretty amazing on the table.

The third command would have to be an allied command to give you some flexibility. It is something to think about in the future.


What is on the desk.

Right now I have to paint the 2nd part of my Medieval Horse units.  This time I have some 68 figures to paint, that may increase if I can find some horse with crossbow.

This is part of a huge project I have to finally finish an ADLG army,  I hope to be able to use parts of it for many different armies, but we will see on that one as well.  I hope to take a week or so to get all these figures painted as after that I have a huge amount of Battletech Clan mechs to get into.   That is also going to be a massive task as most are Green for Clan Jade Falcon.

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