Making a Mausoleum

Making a Mausoleum 1

Frostgrave‘s first scenario is called The Mausoleum, and it requires, you guessed it, a Mausoleum as the central terrain piece. As I am totally into Frostgrave and Kings of War: Vanguard at the moment, and the fact that cemeteries make great backgrounds with fantasy skirmish games, I needed no other motivation to get stuck into making a Mausoleum. What made …

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Making Sacred Stones

Making Sacred Stones 7

A while back I had the need for some sacred stones for both Frostgrave and Kings of War: Vanguard. I decided to make two, a rune engraved stone block, and a more elegant obsidian monolith. As with most of my projects I started with one of my favourite materials, XPS foam. For the stone block, I roughly cut a piece …

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