Making Stuff: Frostgrave Giant Worm

Making a Frost Grave Worm

One of the things I like about Frostgrave is that it gives you so many opportunities to make stuff. When I started playing, one of the first things I made was a Giant Worm for The Worm Hunts scenario from the original rulebook. After some googling I came across The Sword and the Sprue website with details on using a …

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Making Stuff: Gloomhaven Damage Traps

I recently started playing Gloomhaven, which has me hooked. As with any tabletop game I play, I thought it would be fun to build some terrain for it and help make each game a bit more visually interesting. A simple build to begin with are the damage traps. The Gloomhaven token for damage traps depicts sharpened stakes protruding from a …

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