Modern Spearhead Plans

Modern Spearhead Plans 1

As well as Hind Commander I’ve been looking at a few of the other rule sets out there that can be used with 3mm. One that’s interested me is Modern Spearhead. While its intended as a 6mm rule set it works on bases that are 1 1/4″ square (30mm). This size base will work for 3mm as I can put 2-3 miniatures on the base to give more of a group feel. Each base in Spearhead represents roughly a platoon, so it should have around 5 tanks in it, but that will look like a car park. Before committing to anything I experimented with a few different configurations.

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E-7A Wedgetail – The start

E-7A Wedgetail - The start 3

Mentioned elsewhere in this blog was my the start of my latest Hind Commander strike group. I’ve found my E-8C JSTARS enormously useful in my USMC task force and so I’d like to include another AEW&C asset in this force. They are also not typically available as retail models so provide a nice little conversion opportunity. My next task force is going to be an ultra-modern Australian Defence Force (ADF) strike group based on the Recon doctrine. The current AEW&C used by the ADF (operated by the Royal Australian Airforce – RAAF) is the E-7A Wedgetail which is based on a 737-700.Wedgetail over Sydney (Courtesy Janes online)

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5mm Dice Frames Review

5mm Dice Frames Review 4

Much to my surprise my 90mm hexes arrived after less than a week from ordering them. Maybe I’ve got low expectations provided by a life time of Australian retail, but I wasn’t expecting them for another week or two. Any way, I’m not going to talk about the hexes, because I threw something else random in with the order: 5mm dice frames.

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USMC Transport Helos

USMC Transport Helos 5

Just a quick update with another batch of USMC helos. There won’t be many more after this, I think the final piece of this force I’ll put together will be a few more AH-1Zs to round out a full strike group. However, with these 5 freshly painted helos I’ve got a fair amount of transport capacity.

First a trio of medium lift helos. The old CH-46 is still flown by the USMC, but is being replaced by the V-22 Osprey. I’ve not found a model of the Osprey I like yet, so this will remain my medium lift for the time being.


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More USMC Vehicles

More USMC Vehicles 6

This is the last batch of USMC vehicles and completes enough for an entire strike-force (rather than the half strike-forces we typically play with). The new additions are some HEMMTs and M-ATVs. The colours are the same as I’ve used previously.

First are 3 unarmed trucks (HEMMTs). Completely unprotected and pretty easy to kill, these are essentially just targets. However I quite like their look and they are big. The last picture has a AA battery to give some idea of the scale of things (the bases are 20mm wide).HEMTT-1

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