ADF Helicopters

ADF Helicopters 1

I’ve made some progress with my Australian Helos: a couple of MRH Taipans (NH-90 transport helos) and ARH Tigers (Eurocopter Tigers). The ADF use a 3 colour camouflage scheme and painting it has been a welcome change from the modern US schemes which are just one or two colours. The only painful part is the colour patterns are consistent between helicopters. I’ve tried to reproduce this, but obviously at 3mm it’s almost impossible to be precise.

First the Tigers – I did 7 of these (I broke the tail off one, and I don’t think I’d ever run all of them).


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US Army Apache Helicopters

US Army Apache Helicopters 2

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted. I guess with ANZAC day having just passed it should be something more Australian, but US Army count as an ally. Moving on, I’ve painted a couple of Apache gunships. Overall I’m quite happy with these. I’ve moved away from the black windows as I think this would turn the whole model into one very dark blob. The window adds a bit of visual interest and I’ve added it to a couple of other 3mm models that will be added over the next couple of weeks.


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3mm Israeli Isherman Battalion

3mm Israeli Isherman Battalion 4

It’s been quite the productive week, the last of the models I’ve recently finished is an Israeli Isherman M51 Battalion for Modern Spearhead. One thing I like about the Israelis is that you don’t need to paint huge numbers; I’ve got a huge number of Egyptian T-55s that will take a fair while to finish.

First I’ve got the commander: the rules just have him on the same base as the others. However, I’ve decided to base them very differently on 20mm discs. It makes them nice and distinct, without requiring a heap of work on a little diorama.M51-Commander

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E-7A Wedgetail – Complete

E-7A Wedgetail - Complete 5

The final step in this build was to print up some custom decals. I used Bare-Metal Foil‘s decal film. This product is a clear film that can be printed on with a laser printer. They’ve a number of variations with different colours and laser printing options all available. It was simply a matter of creating some images and then finding a high enough quality printer to print them out. At this scale even the huge markings on these planes are still only 2-3mm across so you need a good printer. I printed the following image, note the three different copies. I ended up using one and a half.DecalsX3

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ADF Air Units – O8 Miniature Review

ADF Air Units - O8 Miniature Review 6

A large number of 3mm tanks, trucks and Helos arrived the other day: the core of my ADF strike group. Rather than just showing some finished models I’m going to show some pictures of how they arrive and provide some thoughts on Odzial Osmy’s (O8) miniatures. The numbers in brackets are the O8 product codes.

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