3mm Israeli Isherman Battalion

3mm Israeli Isherman Battalion 2

It’s been quite the productive week, the last of the models I’ve recently finished is an Israeli Isherman M51 Battalion for Modern Spearhead. One thing I like about the Israelis is that you don’t need to paint huge numbers; I’ve got a huge number of Egyptian T-55s that will take a fair while to finish.

First I’ve got the commander: the rules just have him on the same base as the others. However, I’ve decided to base them very differently on 20mm discs. It makes them nice and distinct, without requiring a heap of work on a little diorama.M51-Commander

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Egyptian BMP Battalion (1973)

Egyptian BMP Battalion (1973) 3

I’ve finished my first Modern Spearhead unit. It’s the core of a Egyptain Infantry Battalion for the Yom Kippur war. I’ve still got to add the organic mortar company, but I’m waiting on an order from PicoArmor that includes those miniatures and a heap of T-62s.

The structure of this Battalion is 3 companies of infantry each mounted in BMP-1s. They’re not big companies so each has only 2 stands. With my basing of 2 vehicles per stand that means 12 tiny little BMP-1s plus one for the Battalion HQ.BMP1-Battalion-01

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Modern Spearhead Plans

Modern Spearhead Plans 4

As well as Hind Commander I’ve been looking at a few of the other rule sets out there that can be used with 3mm. One that’s interested me is Modern Spearhead. While its intended as a 6mm rule set it works on bases that are 1 1/4″ square (30mm). This size base will work for 3mm as I can put 2-3 miniatures on the base to give more of a group feel. Each base in Spearhead represents roughly a platoon, so it should have around 5 tanks in it, but that will look like a car park. Before committing to anything I experimented with a few different configurations.

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