Clan Jade Falcon Cluster Project – Part 1

Falcon holding a sword for Jade Falcon

My Clan Jade Falcon Cluster Project is my biggest Battletech undertaking.   Lets start with a how the clans are arranged.   Rank Unit Consists of Warrior N/A N/A Squad Commander Squad 5 Warriors Point Commander Point 1 ‘Mech, 2 Aerospace Fighters, 2 Combat Vehicles, 5 Elementals, or 5 squads. Star Commander Star 5 Points Nova[55] … Read more

Innersphere Mechs Part 2

Innersphere Mechs Part 2 19

Continuing on from my Part 1 I have the follow up all completed and ready to go. With Battletech still waiting on the Battletech Kickstarter, I should complete the rest of the IS mechs. we have here: Jenner Mercuray Panther Trenchbuchet Centurion quickdraw Enforcer this gives me 20 Mechs in this scheme. and overall some … Read more