Painted Destroyers

Painted Destroyers 2

Not a huge amount of progress at the moment. It’s coming to a pretty busy period with a lot of work and also a lot of social activities. Both of these combine to mean not a lot of miniature progress. However I have some Dropzone Commander minis that I’m quite happy with.

The Destroyers are a race of cuddly teddy bears that the Scourge took over at one point and turned into massive, cuddly, weapons of destruction. I personally think they’re just misunderstood – not all 10′ tall creatures with guns in both hands, big teeth and scary eyes are dangerous. Anyway I’m quite happy with how they’ve come out: the bright colours of the weapons help to make them a bit more interesting than just grey and brown.SCRG-Destroyers1

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Dropzone Commander – AA Unit Analysis I

Unfortunately I’ve been sick all week so there’s been no painting. Next week is also going to be lousy for painting as works sending me to NZ. However, I’ve been doing some more playing with Dropzone Commander unit statistics. This time, I’ve compared the core AA units for each faction: the UCM Rapier, the PHR Phobos, the Scourge Reaper and the Shaltari Kukri.

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Dropzone Commander – Sabre vs Katana Analysis

In a previous life I did a lot of mathematics, and sometimes I turn this to productive use. Other times I turn it towards miniature gaming. Now, when a lot of people try to analyse games they typically calculate the expectation for an outcome and compare that. Expectation is one way of looking at probability, particularly if you run a casino or lottery. However, if your experience of the probability is going to be a couple of hundred events (like in a game of something) then it’s awful. As guess what – the expectation is unlikely to come true. Some examples of the failure of expectation: a dice roll gives you 3.5, your pay-off from the lottery is about 50c for every $ you put in and everyone has 1 testicle. What we’re going to look at is the probability of what you want happening, which is harder to calculate, but much more useful.

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Painted Prowlers and Intruder

Painted Prowlers and Intruder 3

The last week has seen quite a bit of painting progress, with a couple of partially completed pieces put aside until after the Dust had settled. One of these projects was a chunk of Dropzone Commander stuff. The unit I’ll feature today is some Prowlers. These lovely little fellas are a small close combat walker that’s supposed to get nice and close to a target tank and inject hot plasma through a proboscis that it spikes through the armour. Really, they just want to get nice and close and cuddle with tanks – they’re just misunderstood.Painted Prowlers and Intruder 4

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Dropzone Commander Skimmers

Dropzone Commander Skimmers 5

My chosen Dropzone Commander faction, The Scourge, use skimmers. According to the fluff these sit about 2-3 feet above the ground levitated by some advanced alien technology that no one really understands (Arthur C. Clarke: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”). As Dropzone Commander vehicles are not based I have, like most others, … Read more