E-7A Wedgetail – Complete

E-7A Wedgetail - Complete 1

The final step in this build was to print up some custom decals. I used Bare-Metal Foil‘s decal film. This product is a clear film that can be printed on with a laser printer. They’ve a number of variations with different colours and laser printing options all available. It was simply a matter of creating some images and then finding a high enough quality printer to print them out. At this scale even the huge markings on these planes are still only 2-3mm across so you need a good printer. I printed the following image, note the three different copies. I ended up using one and a half.DecalsX3

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E8C – New Photo

E8C - New Photo 2

This is the first project that really hit this blog and so it seemed like a good spot to do some experimenting. One of the biggest challenges with photographing miniatures is dealing with the depth of field. Miniatures have a certain look when photographed. Namely a small part will be in focus and most of the image is slightly out. This really characterises photographs of small things. In fact there’s a technique called miniaturisation where people take a picture of real life scenes and “miniaturise” them to make them look like they’re actually pictures of small scale models. Here’s an example I found on the web (sorry the owner doesn’t allow direct linking.)

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E-8 Build – Base Colours

E-8 Build - Base Colours 4

A bit more progress on the E-8 tonight: I’ve put on all the base colours. I used a grey primer as that’s what looked best when I did some test sprays on a piece of cardboard.  Then came a layer of Deck Tan (VMC 70986).  I use an airbrush for this type of painting and … Read more