E-8 Build – Base Colours

E-8 Build - Base Colours 2

A bit more progress on the E-8 tonight: I’ve put on all the base colours. I used a grey primer as that’s what looked best when I did some test sprays on a piece of cardboard.  Then came a layer of Deck Tan (VMC 70986).  I use an airbrush for this type of painting and … Read more

E-8 Build – Body work

E-8 Build - Body work 4

As a first project we are creating an E-8 JSTARS plane in 3mm (1:600).  The E-8 is a modern AWACS plane that’s currently used by the US military.  There aren’t any miniatures of the E-8 available at the moment so we will have to get a little creative.  Fortunately the E-8 is based on the … Read more