Northern Alliance Dwarves and more

Northern Alliance Dwarves and more 1

I’ve done a few odds and ends for my Northern Alliance warband. First I finished my 5 dwarves. These are very basic, very weak grunts (decidedly un-dwarven characters). Still they’ve proved useful taking objects, sacrificing into things, finishing off downed figures, supplying an out number and adding to the size of the warband. This last fact is important for survivability …

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Snow Trolls

Snow Trolls 7

As part of our Kings of War: Vanguard experience I picked the Northern Alliance. The Alliance likes the big boys and like POTUS said in our previous post that’s almost invariably where painting a faction starts. Not one to disagree with our fearless leader lest I be the subject of a barrage of abusive tweets. So I’ve started with a …

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