Pirate Commission – Part V

Pirate Commission - Part V 1

Despite the lack of posts this project has actually moved a fair way along. Very hot weather has made spraying difficult so I have been putting off varnishing and instead just painting more miniatures. First, I’ve finished painting the Red Coats; there are 24 of them all together (20 regulars and 4 leaders) and I’m pretty happy with how they …

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Pirate Commission – Part IV

Pirate Commission - Part IV 2

After a busy Christmas I’m finally back at the painting desk. The first priority is to finish off this pirate commission. This instalment features a couple of strips of generic, boring pirates. I’ve tried to keep the colours varied with a mix of browns and greys with muted brighter colours. I’ve also thrown in the occasional bright colour to give …

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Pirate Commission – Part II

Pirate Commission - Part II 4

Quick little update on the latest commission. Just a handful of these completed. The Redcoats got a little boring so I threw in a quick pirate for some variety. Great little models these from Rebel Mins and are quite nice little sculpts. I’m not at all happy with how the pictures came out. I will have to get some better lights as the exposure is just too long and there are too many vibrations in the room.

The Redcoat firing line.
The Redcoat firing line.

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Pirate Commission – Part I

Pirate Commission - Part I 5

Another commission has come my way. It’s 15mm again, but this time it’s pirates. This is just base coating again. I’ll start with a test model to see how it looks and I’m pretty stoked with this bad boy (OK – good boy). Colours used are the following (as much for my reference as anyone else): Flesh: Sunny Skin Tone …

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