Soviet Navy Fleet

Soviet Navy Fleet 1

I’ve been a bit slack posting, but still fairly productive in my painting. This Cruel Seas fleet is another paid job for a friend. I’ve mixed the colours up a little this time, and made them very, very dirty. I’m pretty happy with the result, I think some of the chipping could be a little smaller, but I don’t think …

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Cruel Seas Torpedoes & Val Bomber

Cruel Seas Torpedoes & Val Bomber 14

I’ve painted three sets of torpedoes for myself and a couple of commissions and bright old me decided to do them all together in a batch. Sure it was efficient, but doing the same thing 24 times tests my patience. I’ve done a couple of different colour schemes to help game play; each torpedo belongs to a ship and moves …

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Japanese Coastal Boat Fleet – Part 1

Japanese Coastal Boat Fleet - Part 1 20

It really is Feboatary. I’m painting an IJN fleet for a friend and this is the progress thus far: the Sampans and the Kamikaze boats. This first post is the crazy stuff from the fleet box. Sampans: I think this will be the only sailboats I’ll be painting for Cruel Seas. I’m not sure if anyone else was crazy or …

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Another Chaos Dwarves Team

Another Chaos Dwarves Team 30

If you’ve been following this blog for a little while then you’ll have seen this team before. A little while ago I painted a Chaos Dwarf team in black and green. Well someone else liked them so much they also asked me to paint their team which was the same. The customer didn’t have a colour preference so they asked …

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Beastmen 60

The last few miniatures from this team. Again, I wasn’t very excited by these guys. I think they’re a bit too similar to each other. Plus they look a little chubby. It’s unfortunate too, as they’re dynamic looking sculpts. Just too much similarity between the models, and it’s not like they can be assembled in a bunch of different ways. …

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