Another Chaos Dwarves Team

Another Chaos Dwarves Team 30

If you’ve been following this blog for a little while then you’ll have seen this team before. A little while ago I painted a Chaos Dwarf team in black and green. Well someone else liked them so much they also asked me to paint their team which was the same. The customer didn’t have a … Read more

Jabba the Orcs

Jabba the Orcs 51

Another Bloodbowl team completed as part of a commission. This set is from Impact Miniatures. They’ve been a bit of a battle to be honest. They’re cast from “Trollcast”, which I’d never heard before checking out the website. I’m not a fan of the material, it sort of accepts primer (they came to me with … Read more


Beastmen 60

The last few miniatures from this team. Again, I wasn’t very excited by these guys. I think they’re a bit too similar to each other. Plus they look a little chubby. It’s unfortunate too, as they’re dynamic looking sculpts. Just too much similarity between the models, and it’s not like they can be assembled in … Read more