Making a 28mm Fantasy Cabin

Making a 28mm Fantasy Cabin 1

Buildings are possibly the most useful and versatile pieces of terrain you can have in any 28mm game. If you only have one, it could be the farmhouse in the middle of a field. If you have a few they could be the edge of a town. If you have a lot they could be a city. Its quite easy …

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Making Pits and Craters

Making Pits and Craters 12

If you play Frostgrave with Ulterior Motives, you’ll need a pit. If you play Rangers of Shadow Deep you’ll need some fly holes. I play both, so I decided to make some of these important holes in the ground. For a fly hole or crater I started with a piece of 3mm PVC sheet and beveled the edges with a …

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Making 28mm Trees

Making 28mm Trees 18

I recently began playing Rangers of Shadow Deep, a game by Joseph A. McCullough of Frostgrave fame. As with Frostgrave, Rangers of Shadow Deep is full of scenarios that provide plenty of opportunities to make interesting terrain pieces. The second scenario in the core rulebook is set in a forest with some “nest trees”. So I decided to make something …

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