Ruined WWWII Buildings – Complete

Ruined WWWII Buildings - Complete 1

I posted a picture of one of these buildings about a week ago. These are being painted for a Dust Warfare event at Little Wars that I’m running with a couple of others. The plan is to have an urban fight over the ruins of Zverograd (an imagined Russian city from Dust) and so we need ruins.

These are good little buildings coming as laser cut MDF. The one you see here is in 6 parts and all together are 22cm by 38cm. They’re the result of Commission Figurines KickStarter. They don’t yet have them up for sale on their website, but I’m sure they will soon. Any way on to some pictures.


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Ruined WWWII Buildings

Ruined WWWII Buildings 2

I received some laser cut MDF buildings a couple of weeks back. These are from a Kick-starter done by Commission Figurines. They’re 28mm scale which is ever so slightly on the small side for Dust, but really it’s not very noticeable and without the height boost provided by the figure base would probably be perfect. These buildings are really just WWII, but I’ll be using them for Weird WWII, as I don’t play WWII.

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