Carthaginian Heavy Spear

Carthaginian Heavy Spear 1

Some actual Carthaginians for my Cathaginian army! These have been a bit tedious: 48 miniatures all exactly the same. I didn’t do any fancy shields as the surface has significant curvature and I’m not comfortable enough in my free-hand on such a tricky surface. To get these done quickly I mass-painted them on sticks (you … Read more

Saga Heroes

Saga Heroes 16

It’s been a long while since I last posted; Christmas, a surprise house move and a couple of other life events have meant I haven’t posted for quite a while. However, I have been fairly productive, so I’ll be putting up a few posts in fairly quick succession as I clear some of the backlog … Read more

Ruined WWWII Buildings

Ruined WWWII Buildings 31

I received some laser cut MDF buildings a couple of weeks back. These are from a Kick-starter done by Commission Figurines. They’re 28mm scale which is ever so slightly on the small side for Dust, but really it’s not very noticeable and without the height boost provided by the figure base would probably be perfect. These buildings are really just WWII, but I’ll be using them for Weird WWII, as I don’t play WWII.

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Ke-Ho Washes

Ke-Ho Washes 32

After a long hiatus on this project I’ve finally made some progress. Not a heap of progress mind you, but still a decent amount. The next step after the base colours is adding a wash to bring out the panel lines, rivets and other details. I use oil paints as they have a long working … Read more