Russian Armour

Russian Armour 5

I’ve actually painted some 3mm stuff. In spite of the name and purported purpose of this site is seems I do more of everything else, other than that. This is not everything, just a few samples of some modern Russian armour I’ve been painting for no particular game or game system.

First, some BMP-2s. I’ve got a full company in 1:1 (that’s 12 – 3 platoons each with 3 vehicles, a company commander and 2 vehicles for the MGs). However, here’s just a few pictures of a sample:BMP2-Aerial1

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Russian Su-27 Flanker – Base Colours

Russian Su-27 Flanker - Base Colours 6

I’ve had these on my desk for a while and I’ve been itching to paint one in a bright blue camouflage scheme I spotted a while back. For some reason the pictures of these are always done in some crazy camouflage scheme. I’m not sure if it would work, but maybe the point is to look cool rather than being …

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