Saga Order of St John Spearmen

Spearmen Warriors

My SAGA Order of St John warband continues to grow with the some Fresh faces as Spearmen.   These are still the Fireforged Games troops, that I also used on the Crossbowmen. I have been block painting the my Order of St John to speed up the production of units, but also so I don’t burn out doing Red and mostly …

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Muskets, Tomahawks, Head Wounds, and a Few Acres of Snow

Hi everyone. My name is Tyler Jefferson, and I’ll be your guest author for the next three Sundays here on ‘What Could Possibly Go Wrong?’. Why, you ask? Because your usual author, Scott ‘Floppy’ Bartel, got his skull stoved in playing field hockey. I’m reliably informed that he managed to sustain about as serious a hit to the face as …

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SAGA, a game set in the dark ages. Vikings raiding the world etc.  what is there not to love.   I have two very unfinished war bands for Saga, the Jomsvikings and Scot’s.  I have only had them since the game came out, a very long time ago, of course what is embarrassing is that I have never played a game either.  Well with the latest addition to the rules out, Crescent and Cross, moving the battle’s to the middle east, I finally find something to bring me back to painting knights.


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