British Napoleonic Infantry

British Napoleonic Infantry 1

These have been painted for a while (since January), just waiting to be photographed. These were for an event in January (i.e. before COVID-19 stopped all such shenanigans), where we played a Blucher campaign of the 100 days. I was assigned the British/Allied Reserve Corps, which was 7 bases of British and Brunswicker infantry. This might not sound like much, …

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Thunderbirds 18

A couple of us have picked up some of Games Workshop’s new dog fighting game Aeronautica Imperialis. We’ve played a handful of games and some of us are further along in our painting than others. Our early impressions are the game is pretty good. The miniatures are great: they look good, have nice detail, go together easily, go together well …

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Unseen Battlemechs

Unseen Battlemechs 31

Just a quick update with four new Mechs for Battletech. These are Unseen sculpts which are from the earliest days of Battletech. They’re called Unseen because of legal disputes that caused the creators to have to pull the designs and all the art. The internet and hoarders are a thing now, so you can still get at them and I’ve …

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Soviet Navy Fleet

Soviet Navy Fleet 37

I’ve been a bit slack posting, but still fairly productive in my painting. This Cruel Seas fleet is another paid job for a friend. I’ve mixed the colours up a little this time, and made them very, very dirty. I’m pretty happy with the result, I think some of the chipping could be a little smaller, but I don’t think …

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