Custom Gaslands Cars

Custom Gaslands Cars 18

Gaslands is Osprey Wargames‘s foray into post apocalyptic vehicle combat. Think Car Wars and Mad Max. We’ve covered it a few other times in the blog and we do play games every couple of weeks or so. The game gives grown men an opportunity to play with Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars again. Scaled at … Read more

4 Clan Blood Scorpion mechs

4 Clan Blood Scorpion mechs 40

Mechs, Mechs and more Mechs. We’ve had quite a bit of Battletech content lately. But with the Kickstarter out, Tex doing his thing and a couple of decent computer games it is actually a really good time to be a Battletech fan. I did the Kickstarter and ended up with around 40 Inner Sphere and Clan mechs arriving at my door a few weeks back. And I though I should paint a few of them. So I started with some of the Clan, and I desire to do something bright, crazy looking and not that common. Yeah, I should have done some Fire Mandrill shouldn’t I, but I did’t and instead I did some Clan Blood Spirit.

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