Dropzone Commander Plastics

Dropzone Commander Plastics 1

Dropzone Commander, produced by Hawk Wargames, has been around for a while. The game is in an odd little scale – 10mm – that’s not particularly popular (6mm and 15mm on either side are quite popular). This game has created quite a bit of debate: it’s not cheap, it looks spectacular and is not the … Read more

Ke-Ho Ironclad Unboxing

Ke-Ho Ironclad Unboxing 2

I’m back after a bit of a hiatus spent travelling: both for work and fun. One thing that did arrive before my departure was a Ke-Ho tank for Dystopian Legions. I haven’t seen much in the way of online information about this little kit so I figured I might document my experience with it. This … Read more

Brigade Models Buildings

Brigade Models Buildings 3

Just a quick little post to show how Brigade Model’s terrain looks next to some Odzial Osmy 3mm vehicles. Note that the buildings are meant to be in 2mm scale, while the vehicles are in 3mm. As such the buildings are a little small. However, if you put them in little built up areas then … Read more