Abyss Warband finished – for now…

Abyss Warband finished - for now... 1

Short post for tonight. Gamers all know this feeling – the feeling of satisfaction of painting that last miniature to complete a project. This week end – painted my last three figures to complete my Vanguard – Forces of the Abyss warband. Well – the last “unpainted” miniatures have been painted at any rate Back … Read more

Proxy Imp Swarm – Part 2

Proxy Imp Swarm - Part 2 7

It is tough putting together Imp swarms for Vanguard for the Forces of the Abyss warband. Unfortunately the Mantic games Forces of the Abyss sprues only have one Imp figure per sprue and each swarm base needs four or five figures per base. My first attempt at proxy miniatures was using resin grots from (now … Read more

Proxy Imp Swarm

Proxy Imp Swarm 31

So these minis aren’t Mantic minis. I went scratching around my bits box looking for something to do a little colour testing before I started hard core painting my Abyssal demons. They are actually a bunch of resin grots that “Lucky” from the Monday Knights gave me as a birthday present a while ago (OK … Read more